Lumina App Reviews

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I love this thing!

This is the most elegant reincarnation of "Simon" Ive ever seen.

Simple but fun.

This is a fun little game but it would be even better with sound.

Great memory game

I loved Simon as a kid. This is a great re-creation of the game with great sound.

Great work

The best app of its kind out there. Fun with a bunch of friends to see who can go the farthest. Never got past level 18 tho :)


I just wish I could play with hearts like the Lumina Love edition ... it was so pretty. =(

App freezing upon opening

Cant get past the opening screen without the app freezing. Tried deleting and reinstalling but same issue occurs. Issue with iPhone 6s Plus compatibility, perhaps?

Wont start on iPhone 6 Plus iOS 9.3

Wont start on iPhone 6 Plus iOS 9.3. One the other reviewers mention it needs updating.


Took a chance even though other reviews said it was "older" or "not updated" or "incompatible". Only a buck - but it adds up! Even though more expensive and other aggravating conditions (like a proprietary charging cord, fixed battery, no memory card, etc) Ive got Apple products because - I thought - all the apps in the store are tested and compatible with their products, ease of use (everything just works) and above all -SECURITY! Knowing that Apple continually checks and screens WHAT THEY OFFER lends credence to their contention that "APPLE PRODUCTS ARE SAFER". But, after years of being a staunch defender and recommending the company albeit their product deficiencies, experiencing other "glitches" and now with the purchase of this app DESPITE the reviews of it not working I put my faith in Apple... They have had ample time to review it and modify it or delete it - YEARS! ( Again, theyre representing it as Apple) In summation, the "straw that broke the camels back"...perhaps. Too bad.

def worth $2 - challenging, addictive

this is a good cheap game. I highly recommend. starts off easy but gets harder and harder. nice to finally have a game that I can play without a wifi connection. this is definitely worth $2

Fun and addictive!

I enjoyed playing Simon when I was a kid so I naturally enjoyed playing Lumina. Also, making it look like you broke your phones screen when you mess up is a nice touch.

Perfect for the touch screen

This game is like Simon but for your iPod, awesome. When you mess up, you get this broken glass effect. Very nice!

Love this game!

This game is well worth $2. It is a very cool game. No crazy rules you have to learn first. Just download and start having fun!

Simon anyone.

Good fun additing game

awesome interface and fun!!

Great, clean, yummy-looking graphics! The sound effects are pretty cool too. Oh, and theres a little "vibration" surprise when you mess up. Look forward to keeping my mind sharp with this game. Def worth $2!

great diversion

well designed, easy to use and addicting. brings back memories


Great game! Simple, yet addictive. Amazingly nerve-racking when you lose (the screen looks like it cracks and the phone vibrates)


Yes! Yes! And Yes! The game is addictive and you soon forget you spent 1.99!! Buy it! Love it! Enjoy it!

Simple Simon

A pocket simple simon. Clever and simple, designed to waste Tetris like hours from your day.

Lumina is addictive!

I dont want to stop playing Lumina. beating my high score is my new goal in life.


I love it. Only $1.99